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We are currently accepting a limited number of beta-customers whom we will make the product available to before launch and whom we will consult with when determining what features to launch in the future. As part of the beta programme, you will be invited to the launch of our product and benefit from preferential rates for your first subscription. If you are looking to future-proof your organization through Artificial Intelligence, sign up to our beta programme and we will be in touch soon!

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Deep Feature Synthesis

WYZER+ uses Deep Feature Synthesis to generate meaningful features from raw and unprocessed data.

Deep Reinforcement Learning

WYZER+ uses Deep Reinforcement Learning to optimize and personalize interactions with customers in a goal-oriented manner.

Natural Language Understanding

Wyzer + uses NLU to autonomously communicate with your customers using the guidelines you give it.

Cluster Analysis

WYZER+ contains a suite of tools that may be used to verify identities and transactions in a safe, efficient and trustworthy manner.

Identity Verification

WYZER+ uses NLU to autonomously communicate with your customers using the guidelines you give it.

Future Event Predictions

WYZER+ uses an ensemble of Machine Learning techniques to determine the best model that best predicts outcomes and events.


A Preview of WYZER+

Game Time

WYZER+ for Gaming


Customer Identification & Verification

KYC and AML checks can become overly complicated and time-consuming when performed manually. Using a range of techniques that revolve around Artificial Intelligence, Wyzer + can handle KYC and AML checks in a fully automated or semi-automated manner as configured according to your exact needs.


Customer Segmentation, Churn & Lifetime Value predictions

Adopting a ‘one size fits all’ approach to your customers no longer works. Our Customer Segmentation features will allow you to customize your product offering to suit the needs of each individual and make your organization stand out from the competition. Furthermore, our platform will automatically predict probabilities of churn for each customer and an estimated lifetime value according to traits exhibited by other customers.


Customer Cross-Selling & Reactivation Campaigns through Reinforcement Learning

Running marketing campaigns can be hard to get right when it’s not done in a data-driven manner. Our platform will allow you to run different variations of the same campaign on a sample of customers in order to learn which campaigns are most effective on which customers. These findings are then used to run the full campaign in an optimal manner through reinforcement learning, reaping the benefits of all the hard work performed to design the campaigns.


Customer Service Chatbots

Your customers expect you to be available to process their queries 24 hour a day and 7 days a week. While some queries are very specific and will require an agent to look into, a large proportion of queries usually follow conversation paths that are extremely common. Our platform allows organizations to design conversations that may interact with internal and external systems as needed. Our chatbots are powered by state-of-the-art machine learning technology that models conversations as graph data structures that can be customized according to the needs of each organization.


Fraud (Outlier) Detection

The processing of payments is a tedious and intensive process in which speed is of the essence. The speed at which an operator processes deposits and withdrawals is critical to the experienced being offered to customers. Our platform enables a data driven approach to processing payments by calculating the probability that each transaction is fraudulent based on various traits of the customer on your platform, ensuring that payments agents have all the data that they need and a score to go by when processing payments.